Dragon Ball

The Dragon Ball series follows the life of Goku from his childhood through all his training until he becomes a man and saves the world from Piccolo for the last time. When we first meet Goku he is a small boy living on his own in a forest. While Bulma is on a hunt for the mystical Dragon Balls she comes into contact with our hero Goku. Following this encounter Goku joins Bulma on the hunt as he already has a dragon ball in his possesion.

Along the way the meet Master Roshi who trains goku in the turtle hermit style of fighting, this training was long and difficult however he made a friend called Krillin during his training which makes the training more bearable. Goku makes many more friends during his travels and even more enemy's however he manages to overcome every one of these obstacles and make to adulthood.

When this series ends we see a very powerful Goku who has completed years of training and become a formidable oponent to any foe but will this be enough to get him through life?

Dragon Ball Z

The second series of Dragon Ball starts a few years after the first. Goku is now a grown man, he is married and has a young son named Gohan. Gohan is a smothered child, his mother has him studying hard for a future as a doctor. It is not long however before Goku gets dragged into another fight to save the world.

This new fight gives us an insight into Gokus history and gives us a chance to watch Gohan develop into a warrior just like we watched his father do in the first series.

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